Abduct A Lonely Alien And Return It To The Mothership Space Club
  • 07/15/2021
  • Written by Jacob

The Lost Alien Space Club is where lonely aliens go to rage face for weeks on end. That was until the mothership was sucked into a black hole near the OP-36 Galaxy, ejecting 10,000 club kids into the metaverse. 

Now, the transmission back to the mothership is about to begin, and the Crew needs your help. Your mission, should you chose to accept, is to “abduct” the Lost Aliens and return them to the Space Club. The Crew invented a Random Abduction System (R.A.S.) to teleport the members back to The Mothership to aid their search. The tool works by utilizing a custom Smart Contract using Ethereum’s network. 

In return for your good deed, the Crew will authorize your NFT Token as an Automated Access Key, granting you full access where no human has ever gone before.

Keep reading for the technical details. July 16th is the official launch. Join the Lonely Alien Space Club Discord for relevant updates and announcements. 

Traits of Lost Aliens

The Lost Aliens consist of 10,000 programmatically generated ERC-721 tokens that are hand-drawn and made with love. The collection features 100 unique Lonely Alien traits like backgrounds, bodies, tattoos, mouths, eyes/glasses, shirts, neckwear, hair, face, hats, over-shirts, and accessories. 

Earlier this week, several rare traits were revealed by way of Twitter campaigns, including:

Diamond Eyes
Daft Punk Helmet
Abduction Beam Around Alien
Face Hugger

How do I abduct (mint) a Lonely Alien?

Lonely Aliens will be available for purchase at lonelyaliens.com through an IAO (initial abduction offering). MetaMask is required. 

After submitting the abduction fee (set between .04 and .09 ETH), a randomly (and provably) selected Lonely Alien will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and delivered to your wallet and the official L.A.S.C. Opensea collection once it’s live. 

Note: 50% of the OpenSea royalties will go straight to the community pool. More details are to be announced later.

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