Bored Ape Yacht Club News Recap: June 2021 Week 1

Source: Twitter recap by @accumul8

A quick recap of the most important Bored Ape Yacht Club updates for week 1 of June 2021:

Beeple Starts War Between BAYC And Meetbits

Beeple ignited a war between the Bored Ape and Meebit communities when he dropped a series of artworks featuring fellow ape @danny_p3d (Daniel Poschinger ) getting KO-ed by a Meetbit, followed by a retaliation scene where a team of apes gang-up on a giant Meebit. “This is the first blow in a MASSIVE WAR between apes and Meebits. Buckle up motherfucker, it’s about to get buck wild in this bitch,” Beeple tweeted.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Breaks Through 1 ETH Floor

The @BoredApeYC community went bananas after it broke through the 1 ETH floor at the beginning of June while the rest of the NFT community stood and watched in awe.

Community Rallies For “Great Ape Giveaway” Project

In an act of kindness @BoredApe3449 and @_blindisland organized a community raffle as a way to gather funds for “The Great Ape Giveaway”, a project designed to help get apes in the hands of those who couldn’t afford it before the floor saw massive gains.

BAYC Announces Exclusive Members Only Party In The Sandbox Clubhouse

Members of the BAYC have been instructed to watch out for an invitation set to arrive within the next week. The Sandbox will be hosting the official bash for ape-holders in an exclusive member’s only clubhouse in The Sandbox metaverse.

Discord server started for apes who love sports

@RichVagner started a discord server for apes who love sports. There are channels for sports including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and even UFC. Discussions about a Fantasy Football project are also underway. Interested apes can participate here.

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