Make Your Avatar Drip With BONEHEADS Incoming NFT Drop
  • 07/19/2021
  • Written by Jacob

The Boneheads NFT collection includes 10,000 unique high-resolution (8k) collectibles developed from 500+ attributes across eight categories. They are algorithmically generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. 

Boneheads is "the world's first fashion-centric brand utilizing 10K NFTs to forge extremely rare physical collectibles." 

Owning a BONEHEAD will grant you exclusive access to special roadmap perks, such as access to The Cabana - which will be a physical + digital identity fashion and gaming wearables/collectibles platform from which you can mint and forge digital + physical collectibles. 

Think of it as “SUPREME meets BLOCKCHAIN.” 

Boneheads NFTs come in three drops, including The Puffer - Drop 2: The Biker - Drop 3: The Bomber. Keep reading for more information regarding the drop and minting information.

When can I get a Boneheads NFT?

Boneheads will be released as a surprise drop to mitigate gas wars as much as possible. The cost is 0.1 ETH each, and there is no bonding curve. Check out the Boneheads Discord at for more specific details.

How can I mint a Boneheads NFT?

You can mint directly from the Boneheads website by visiting The Cabana once it’s live. The max supply is 30 per TX (more info about that in their Discord server). There are 9,500 Boneheads available to the public. There is a 10% fee on secondary sales, and 5% will go towards the community activation program.

What makes this collection different?

BONEHEADS is not only an art-based NFT collection. It’s also a fashion brand, a gaming company, an app, and a software provider that allows users to make an avatar with “all the drip you could possibly imagine.” 

More killer info about the drips and drops at:

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