Online Art Showroom Announces Interactive NFT Art Sale
  • 06/10/2021
  • Written by Jacob

Strata.Gallery just announced the first-ever interactive NFT event and sale titled the Whole Picture. The sale will be held for an entire month and features 1200 unique NFT art pieces from critically-acclaimed Mexican artist Héctor Falcón in a project set to “herald a new age of art creation, collection, and investment.” Detailed information about the event is as follows: 

The artwork 
All 1200 of the NFT artworks are a digital prolongation of one of Falcón’s most prominent works, Constructive Modular Extraction. The artworks are a representation of a series of physical paintings where Falcón cuts through his four-layer canvases exposing the images that lie beneath. “Upon completion, the four layers can be arranged and rearranged: the owner will work together with the artist to create their own bespoke digital artwork.”

The art sale 
Strata.Gallery formulated a specific three-tiered pricing plan that allows buyers to participate in the sale and also lessens the gap between opening bids and final prices. The aim is to “balance the utility and cost, offering differing value propositions to suit all levels of investment.” The sale is expected to continue through the month of June. 

The art experience
“When the sale concludes, the art event commences. This is where the whole ‘experience’ of Falcón’s art is taken to a new level that only blockchain technology can facilitate. The canvases of each artwork are revealed over time, determined by a combination of choice and chance.”

Source: EinPressWire 

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