The Meme That Started It All - DogeCoin Meme Up For Auction
  • 06/10/2021
  • Written by Jacob

The original image of the Shiba Inu dog that took the internet world by storm is now being auctioned off as an exclusive NFT. It’s also the image featured on DogeCoin cryptocurrency that further drove “Kabosu’s” notoriety. The meme’s owner and creator—Atsuko Sato—made the decision to sell the NFT as a way to generate money for several charities. The top bid currently stands at 20 ETH or $50,252.60 and is set to end tomorrow. Proof of Authenticity can be found on Etherscan, Zora, and IPFS. 

In addition to auctioning off the 1/1 limited-edition item, Sato shared information about forthcoming auctions for other Shiba Inu “Kabosu” memes including “Feisty Doge”, “Yelling Doge”, “Curious Doge”, “Angry Doge”, “Shocked Doge”, “Sad Doge”, and “Cuddly Doge”. A portion of all the proceeds will be donated to charities across the world.   

Visit to place your bid. 

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