Three Non-Fungible Collections From Relax: Frogs, Pepe’s, & Frens
  • 07/13/2021
  • Written by Jacob

The first 100 NFTs of the Froggyland series are about to be auctioned off on Rarible, starting with Froggyland #0001. After the first 1000 frogs are gone, a Froggyland video game will be developed for frog owners. 

The first offering of Relax’s latest NFT collection is comprised of ERC-721 tokens featuring 25 frogs with different backgrounds taken from ten distinct character themes. A total of 10% of sales will go to the creator, Relax. Keep an ear out for incoming Froggyland drops as they occur.  

Check out Relax on Rarible.

Relax Pepe Collection 

In the meantime, check out another popular collection from the digital artist called Relax Pepe, which also has items for sale on OpenSea. So far, the offering has 395 listings for an average price of 0.40 ETH. Unique characters include, but are not limited to: The Queen (Rare), Doge Pepe (3 ETH), Jason Pepe (4.5 ETH), and Pirate Pepe (2.9 ETH). The Relax Pepe collection has more drops coming soon. Keep an eye out on Rarible. 

Fren’s Collection

Like what you see? Then head over to OpenSea and check out Fren’s Collection featuring rare 1-of-1 non-fungible headshots of Fren. The collection has 162 items owned by 17 people at an average cost of 0.07 ETH.

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