The world of NFTs, accessible to anyone. is a forever-free, browser-based software suite empowering anyone to observe, understand and trade the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market with a competitive edge.

Our Team

We are a crowd of Crypto enthusiasts, software developers and online entrepreneurs on the forefront of disruptive technology like decentralized finance and blockchain managed ownership.

Our Values

Our services are free and will stay free. We provide full transparency and a constant exchange of knowledge within our community. We fully support the idea of decentralizing the world of assets:

Cutting out unnecessary middle men and properly rewarding original parties while respecting their rightful ownership. There is stuff individuals should be able to own 100% and there is stuff no single party should control or own - NFTs make both scenarios possible.

Our Mission

To liberate access to key data points within the NFT market that enable anyone to gain a competitive edge only professionals used to have. We do that by making the very tools public that we have been using successfully to trade NFTs. Furthermore, through high-quality guides and news coverage we want to educate all potential stakeholders of the NFT sphere - from artists and collectors to traders.

Our Roadmap

Q2 2021: Our website and market screening software go public. Unique assessment factors - Asset Rating (AR) and Trait Rating (TR) - offer cross-collection comparability of NFTs.