Our Asset Rating (AR) and Trait Rating (TR) are metrics that indicate the real rarity of an asset or a trait. With a score of 100 being rarest and 0 being the least rare.

The special feature of these indicators is that they show the rarity across collections. AR and TR allow you to determine the actual rarity of an asset or a trait without doing the math yourself.

Why are nftexp.io’s rarity metrics superior?

Because they allow you to make an educated judgement about an asset’s actual rarity which will help you to figure out an appropriate price. The mainstream “Absolute Rarity” on the other hand, might actually mislead you to over or underestimate the real rarity of an asset.

Most people focus on "absolute rarity" in the following sense:

“Oh, only 2% of assets have this trait, so it’s got to be rare and precious!” While actually this does not necessarily mean that it is a rare asset. But why is that?

Want an example?

Let us say you own an asset with the trait ‘shirt color: white’. Only 2% of assets within this collection have a white shirt.

If there is only two options - black and white - white is a rare trait because an average shirt color would occur for 50% of the assets.

If there would be 200 shirt colors in a collection, an average shirt color would occur for 0.5% of the assets. In this case, 2% is not rare - there are just a lot of options.

Let me give you a more practical example:

For the collection ‘Chubbies’ there are two traits with about similar probability:

  • - Face: o_o Blushed, with 1053 Assets (10.5%)
  • - Hairstyle: Afro, with 1110 Assets (11.1%)

On a first glance they look pretty similar.


o_o Blushed has a TR of 8, while Afro has a TR of 17. That is because there are only 4 hairstyles, but 13 faces. So, a o_o Blushed Face’s real rarity lies even below the average Face (13 Faces = 7.7% each, o_o Blushed has 10.5%), while an Afro has an above average real rarity (4 Hairstyles = 25% each, Afro has 11%).

The AR is based on the same logic and expresses the whole asset’s rarity with all its traits combined. It tells you the real rarity of the asset across all collections.

AR and TR: Genuine cross-collection rarity, done for you

That is what our metrics can do. You can be sure: the higher the score, the rarer the asset.

You do not have to care about the math yourself. Just track nftexp.io’s AR and TR scores and be sure our team did the hard work for you.